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Promotions, New Team Members, Retirements or Meeting with a New Client, what is a better way to get closer as a team than to bond over a couple of drinks, like comrades? With our spacious and uber chic ambience, we are your ideal destination of a glamorous evening of making plans and building trust.

Our vibrant decor, plush interiors, extensive outdoor seating, herb infused cocktails, an all encompassing food menu with the choice of tempting flavours from around the globe all have all been tailor-made to suit a refined evening between individuals from diverse backgrounds.

We also have an open bar designed to get you closer to the people that matter by helping you reconnect with the dying art of a hearty conversation. Sound Garden Cafe is an ideal venue to unwind as beautiful live music plays or just dance your heart out as our DJs takes over. You can also enjoy celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties etc. because every new milestone calls for a party, doesn’t it?

Pick an outdoor package or reserve a table with us:

Luxury Unlimited Alcohol Pack
@Rs. 2200 AI Per Head

Premium Unlimited Alcohol Pack
@ Rs. 1800 AI Per Head

Standard Alcohol Pack
@Rs. 1300 AI Per Head

Unlimited Mocktails Pack
@ Rs. 850 AI Per Head